I'm Amin Moradi

A Motivated student from University of Tehran graduate from IUST Phd Prospect Student

Me in a Nutshell

I’m Amin Moradi. I’m from Iran. When I was a child, everyone dreamed of being a pilot or a doctor, whereas I wanted to be a mathematician. Since my childhood, I always was fascinated by how even a sign would change real practical applications and they perform completely different. I loved math, and I was good at math. In fact, I was so good that it led me to the best university in Iran, University of Tehran. In Konkoor (universities’ entrance exam), I was placed in the top 0.03% (163rd among 480,000 students).

In the BSc, I was lost, disappointed, and struggling since I couldn’t find my beloved math play a vital role among electrical circuits and transistors. However, the tides turned when I passed “Linear Systems Control” course. I felt like i’m back in the game again. I felt that little signs changes everything again. In control systems, I found math alive, again.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”

-Henry Ford

Now I’m a second year MSc student in Iran University of Science and Technology, one of the top 3 in Iran. I have passed all my required courses with great scores (GPA 4.0/4.0), I have taken the TOEFL exam (102 score), I have registered for the GRE exam and I’m doing research about my main interest “Reinforcement Learning in Control Systems”. My goal is to study PhD in my field of interest in the US or Canada in Fall 2020.

My Main Interests

Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning in Control Systems

Q-Learning and Deep Q-Learning

Non-Linear Control Systems

Fuzzy and Neural Networks

Stochastic Processes

Machine Learning Control



My Recent Course Projects

Implementation of various environments under Open AI Gym using RL Algorithms

A Non-Linear System Modeling with MLP and RBF Neural Networks

mnist Dataset Pattern Recognition Using Hopfield Neural Networks

Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller Design for a Benchmark Plant

Double Inverted Pendulum Swing Up Control Using Fuzzy Systems

Tracking Using Adaptive Robust Control

Feedback Linearization Control for a Non-Linear Plant

and more available online!

My Resume in Brief

BSc Electrical Engineering in University of Tehran 2012-2017 GPA 12.67/20 

MSc Electrical Engineering – Control Systems in Iran University of Science and Technology GPA 18.5/20 (4.0/4.0)


GRE on November 11th

Remarkable Courses:

Convex Optimization 18.6/20 Model Predictive Control 19.8/20

Advanced Instrumentation 20/20 Adaptive Control Systems 18.25/20

Fuzzy Control 16.5/20 Neural Networks 17/20

Non-Linear Control Systems 18/20

My Research Interests

| | | | | | My Interests Fall In These 4 Main Categories | | | | | |

Machine Learning in Control

So far, Machine Learning somehow has found its applications in some of Control Systems problems like control parameter identification, control design as regression problem, and RL control. Truth be told, I can’t be more excited to see ML unveil its full potential in Control Systems, as I can almost surely prognosticate, this will be REVOLUTIONARY!

Control Systems

They say the very first love is the very true one too. Control Systems reincarnated me through the darkness of transistors and amplifiers. I mainly am interested in Non-Linear Systems and the means to tame them like adaptive, fuzzy, or neural networks as they act so smart that it’s hard to not love them.

Reinforcement Learning

The main idea of RL is so simple and beautiful that I can’t see why I didn’t discover it when I was 11. I love the Idea and algorithms as I can totally see it can change literally everything. I’m interested in Deep Q Learning and I love my simulations in Open AI Gym.

Stochastic Approximation

Do you know what makes Machine Learning interesting? It’s easy to use, hard to proof. Machine Learning has this stochastic background! Furthermore, in order to use Machine Learning more efficiently in control we need to prove them using SA.

102 (25/28/24/25)

TOEFL Score (R/L/S/W)

4.0/4.0 (18.5/20)



GRE Test

10 out of 10


What Happens Next?

I aim to study my Phd in Electrical Engineering in the US or Canada. I prefer to do research on Learning related things as I can see the future lays it their hands. My big dream is making an AI as smart and sarcastic as human mind. If you want to contact me you can use the button below!